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Monotype Garamond Expert Volume

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Font: Monotype Garamond Expert Volume
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Monotype Garamond Expert Volume available as web font. Try Monotype Garamond Expert Volume font free!

Monotype Garamond is based on roman types cut by Jean Jannon in 1615. Jannon followed the designs of Claude Garamond which had been cut in the previous century. Garamond's types were in turn, based on those used by Aldus Manutius in 1495 and cut by Francesco Griffo. The Monotype Garamond Italic fonts are based on types cut in France circa 1557 by Robert Granjon. Monotype Garamond is a beautiful typeface with an air of informality that looks good in a wide range of applications. It works particularly well in books and lengthy text settings.



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